Ketrawars 1x - best low-rate without wipes
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endless 1x server

Features of our 1x server

on PTS platform

  • Endless server. All subsequent openings will be merge into this server
  • Classic Lineage 2 on Interlude chronicles
  • Regular technical support сервера
  • Trade center located in Dion with free TP
  • Ability to easily get epic jewelry by common players

Endless server


Having played on the server and stopped playing Lineage 2 for a while, I was upset that after returning the server was gone. Common situation? Very unpleasant, I agree!

This will not happen on our Interlude 1x. On the basis of it, the Endless 1x will be built, similar to our Endless 1200x, which has been living without wipes for more than 7 years. All subsequent openings will be merge to this server.

Making history together!

Take a couple of steps

And enjoy the game

1. Register Register a Master Account in your personal account, which will allow you to create an unlimited number of game accounts without re-registration. Register
2. Download files Now you don't need to separately search for the client and download the patch. It is enough to use our new Updater, which will update files automatically. Download Updater
3. Visit the forum On the forum you can: read a detailed server description, find friends, suggest a change, view the changelog, communicate with the administration. Forum

Powerful Bonus-start


  • Armor and weapon (No, D grade)
  • x2 to exp/sp on 7 days
  • Runes +30% exp/sp/drop/spoil
  • Free TP up to lvl 41
  • Newbie Buffer on all levels
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An extraordinary proven concept for those who love to delve into all the existing aspects of the stages Interlude chronicles and not afraid of the slow exping process

Server is focused on long life and there can be no talk of any wipe