April 16


Awaited server by many players server, which will make you crazy. Action on 13 450 dollars and huge advertising campaign will create unreal online.


Awaited server by many players server, which will make you crazy

  • April 16
  • 2500+
  • 100x
  • Interlude
  • April 16 we'll open SpaceX in Lineage 2 industry. Flagship 100x with record budget on advertising and huge prize fund for clans in 13 450 dollars on five prize places.

    Recently, we have been accused of, I quote: "server only for solo players", "not for clan game" and so on. Indeed, 85% of our online play is always occupied by solo players and we will always focus on them. For this start, we also want to arrange an excellent fun without clan limits.

    Online: 2384

    interlude pts 1x

    Endless server for connoisseurs of slow exping. No wipes!

    Online: 568

    Interlude 100x

    Prime exampler of stability - more than 5 years without wipes


    Safety guarantee

    Time-proven reliability


    Unlike competitors, we do not create the appearance of work, and even more, do not throw words to the wind. Our servers have been living for more than 7 years and will live the same amount, because we do not chase change of the wrapper, but change the very essence of the game, adapting it to modern realities, noting the essence.

    While some will downgrade the newest chronicles in order to attract players with visual design of the client and unnecessary starting bonuses to anyone, we conduct large-scale advertising campaigns and support active players and projects.

    Choose you: another fail after loud words or a full and stable game on KetraWars!