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Ketrawars x1 ?

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  • Try again these unforgettable moments of getting the desired percentages and crafting your first weapon. Moments, when D-grage thing is not garbage, pulluting inventory, but the real luxury when any little stuff can change the course of the fight. Tirred of playing for imba-classes? It's time to remember that only in the classical version of x1 there are no unclaimed professions.

    Features of our х1 server

    on PTS platform

    • Classical gameplay Interlude chronicles coupled with maximum comfort
    • The most popular server in the world where players are more than on official servers
    • Guaranteed protection against wipe and constant growth of online for more than 4 years
    • Over 2,500,000 rubles have already been paid through our exchange since the last opening
    • The servers have their own community, which is active to this day

    Huge starting online

    x1 server

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    The most income RMT exchange for players

    Paid 2.500.000 rubles

    Almost a year has passed since the opening of the first x1 server, and we continue to receive applications and timely pay players all earned funds on the exchange. For many players, our project has become an excellent opportunity to get good money for an active game in Lineage 2.

    Do not miss your chance to earn decent money by playing on the most popular Interlude project in the world. The amount of withdrawal is limited only by your gaming capabilities, and the majority of players earn from 12.000 rubles only for the first month of the exchange.

    The new beggining...

    Of legendary x1 server

    On June 29, 2018 successfully started the new x1 Ketrawars server. Join the thouthands-strong army of fans of Interlude. Only Ketra is able to unite all under one roof and offer a server worthy of your attention.

    Maintain balance

    Awaken interest

    The only way to play forgotten classes. Now any character professions will be relevant in the party, and the sammoner will not be just a support.


    Every start on Ketra

    Starting online of the new Ketra server exceeds all expectations. At the opening of the new x1 online reached a mark of 4,600 players and continues to grow!

    We are not a pyramid

    Earn money by playing L2

    All trading operations on the exchange are protected. You sell your game values directly to another player, and the Administration gets only its own, rather modest, percentage of each transaction.